Technical Specifications

# Parameter Details
1 Supply Voltage 220V 1phase 50Hz / 380-400V 3phase 50-60Hz
2 Power 0.25kW - 310 kW
3 Protection IP54
4 Operation Temperature (Ambient) 5 -50°C
5 Max. relative humidity 75% w/o condensation


  • Short Circuit and overload protection.
  • Wall Mount & Standalone enclosures.
  • Dry run Protection.
  • High Level Float switch.
  • Mains Disconnector with Door interlock.
  • Indicators or HMI for status display.
  • Auto/Manual operation facilitated.
  • Voltage Monitoring Relay for safety against power supply quality.
  • Earth Leakage Circuit breaker (ELCB/RCCB).
  • Overload Protection using motor protection circuit breaker(MPCB).
  • Dry run protection using water level controller and probes.
  • Anti-chattering system to limit the number of starts of pump.
  • To work as Dual/Standby Assist.
  • Emergency Stop Facility.
  • Audio Visual Alarm with Audio Reset facility.
  • BMS volts free contacts for major signal feedback and switching controls.
  • Panel cooling system - a) with forced Fan ventilation b) with Panel Air-conditioner.
  • With Ammeter / Voltmeter and Selection Switching facility.
  • Pump Run Hour Meter.
  • VFD or Soft starter for high capacity segments.
  • Status Messaging System – Add-on.
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