Dareen DWP 400 Vacuum assisted dewatering pumpset are designed & developed for well point applications. Superior features makes 'DWP 400' dewatering pumpsets, the first choice for critical projects like Dewatering, Excavtions, Piling, Construction & Drainage.

Features & Benefits

# Features Benefit
1 Double mechanical seal Silicon carbide faces for long life, compared to usual ceramic faces. Double stage protection compared to single seal.
2 Ceramic coating in volute Prevents wearing of volute, ensuring long life
3 Heavy duty tires Longer life
4 Cartridge type oil tank filter for vacuum pump Easier maintenance

Technical Specifications  

# Parameter Details
1 Inlet & Discharge Ports 150mm x 150mm ( 6'' x 6'' )
2 Vacuum generated 70 cfm
3 Discharge Capacity 400 m3/hr @ 1800 rpm
4 Total head 35 m
5 Vacuum lift 9 m
6 Prime mover power 38 hp ( 28 KW )
7 Prime mover speed 1800 rpm
8 Fuel Tank Capacity 130 liters

Salient Features of the Pumpset

Control Panel  
Exclusive control panel consisting of an hourmeter, oil pressure gauge, battery charging ammeter & ON/OFF switch.This facilities efficient are efficient and easy monitoring of engine parameters, for regular maintance and service.
Vacuum Pump  
70cfm capacity vacuum pump for automatic priming having vacuum lift of 9 m. The maximum vacuum pressure is 730mm of Hg.
Priming Tank(Primary)
The priming tank is made of SS304, a high sustainable stainless steel giving high durability. 
Separator Tank (SECONDARY TANK)
The secondary or the seperator tank is made of SS304, similar to the primary tank in features and quality, but also performs as a standby,in case the priming tank is dysfunctional.
Closed Type Impeller
Made of SS304 suitable for high corrosive liquids. Dynamically balanced. Optional bronze impeller available.
Belt Guard
Thick sheet metal belt guard for protecting engine coupling. Also provides extra room for air circulation.

Dewatering Pumps Brochure

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